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Question #1.
What have been the effects of the NAFTA treaty on the global economy? Do you think the NAFTA treaty between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico was a good agreement for the United States? Elaborate.

Democracy is the goal in most Latin American countries. Here Octavio Paz of Mexico, a Noble Laureate, offers his views on democracy in Latin America. He notes that "Latin American democracy was a late arrival on the scene...a great deal still remains to be done. Our countries need changes and reforms...In countries where attempts have been made to change the economic and social structures while at the same time dismatling democratic institutions, injustice, oppression, and inequality have become stronger forces that defend democracy is to defend the possibility of change; in turn, changes alone can strengthen democracy and enable it to be embodied in social life." What value does Paz see in democracy? Do you see democracy threatened in any parts of Latin America? Elaborate.

Answers 1-2 paragraphs, cited APA format.

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#1 The impact of NAFTA treaty on the global economy is depicted in creating of the world’s largest free trade area. However, it is difficult to measure the overall global effect of NAFTA treaty because the global economy involves many other aspects such are economic growth, inflation, and fluctuations in currency world wide. But in spite of these economy variables, NAFTA served as a particular role-model for later free trade agreements (bilateral and multilateral). This especially regards FTAs, concerning Western Hemisphere...

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