The period of Decolonization after World War II marked the beginnin...

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The period of Decolonization after World War II marked the beginning of the end of Western imperialism and the start of numerous nationalist independence movements in the previously colonized areas. Please read in detail the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence. Then skim over the American version.

1.How do they compare?
2.Do you feel that the fear of the spread of Communism was enough to justify French control of Vietnam?
3.Why or why not?
*Note: this is not an essay, 1-2 paragraphs to answer the questions

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1. The Vietnamese Declaration of Independence from 1945 is readily comparable to the American Declaration of Independence. The document’s authors are aware of this obvious structural and rhetorical similarity, and reference the American version directly in their text, and not without a certain degree of self-righteousness, or perhaps appreciation of irony, references in the next sentence the sentiments of the French Revolution. However tempting it may be to focus on the glaring similarities of the Vietnamese and American declarations, where they differ are most...

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