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World History Essay Questions:

Essays should include general ideas with specific examples for support. Explanations should be clear and thorough.

1. Why did China and Japan respond so differently to western expansionism? Why did each nation choose the path that it did?

2. Why were the Bolsheviks successful in the October 1917 revolution in Russia? What were the circumstances? How had they prepared? What were their strengths? What were the weaknesses of their opponents?

3. Discuss the attitudes toward World War I in the document on page 76, “The Excitement and the Reality of War.” How do you account for these reactions?

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The time of Western Imperialism, or Western Expansionism was a historic period of worldly strife as differing Western powers, including the United States, attempted to acquire different world areas and maximize their sphere of influence in as many worldly regions as possible. China and Japan had differing responses to this worldly phenomenon; China turned to isolationism wheres Japan embraced the ideals of imperialism and attempted to compete with Western powers as an imperialist force while still remaining isolationist from Western military influence.
The area of Japan is compromised of several islands where raw natural resources are low and population density is high. This has historically caused problems for the nation and invited authorities to embrace the acquirement of other terrorities as a way to solve Japan's low natural resource problem. As a result, the Japanese culture has been historically military oriented, as seen with samurais. It is quite logical then for Japan to not be willing to cede power to Western imperial dreams, and instead of becoming an object of desire for western imperialist dreams Japan became a competitor with it's own desires of imperialist dominance....

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