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Using an interdisciplinary approach, explain how concepts of the family (Royal) have changed in the UK since 1945?
Social Science
a) 1,500 words
b) 10-14 references or sources and one of them must be Hughes,G, Fergusson,R .,(eds)

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The meaning and importance of family – both as the foundation of human and humanity – in the modern context reflects well in the exploration of the concept in scientific research, and the large number of different theories based on said research. This statement holds true even when discussing the Royal family, despite their apparent reluctance to engage with the changes of the modern world.
Such diversity, breadth and numerous data related to family, marital life, welfare and social policy is difficult to interpret because it absorbs a large number of fields which are not easily combined. Therefore, it is not peculiar that there are many different theories that focus on an interdisciplinary approach in order to interpret and understand the facts about family (Miller, 1986).
This paper will try to focus on some of these theoretical approaches in order to demonstrate how family changed in the second half of the 20th century, placing special emphasis on the social construction, welfare and everyday social life. Second part of the paper will discuss how family evolved during the second half of the 20th century, and how this evolution reflected on the British Royal family.
Theoretical framework
Symbolic-integration theory goes from the belief that there is perceived importance of communication between family members in order for it to function properly. By trying to explain some of the more common difficulties in understanding between family members, especially spouses, it goes into the core of studying symbolic interaction. As a theoretical approach, it...

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