Comparing Societies in Afro-Eurasia and in the Americas Prior to 1492 (1080 words)

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Please respond to the following question with a 3-4 page (750-1200 word) essay:
Compare and contrast the development of agriculture and urban societies in Afro-Eurasia with the development of agriculture and urban societies in the Americas prior to 1492.
What was similar, what was different and what do these similarities and differences ultimately mean?

Your essay should make reference to all four major texts (Tattersall, Abulafia, Gordon and Mann)

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When accessing this topic it is vital to reduce the historical stereotypes and misconceptions to a minimum, as comparison of the histories of areas of Afro-Eurasia and Americas prior to the year of 1492 might lead us to conclusions that simply are not true. The studies of world history prior to 1492 tend to focus their research on the societies and civilizations that have developed in the Middle East, Mediterranean region and in Western Europe. Though the mentioned regions had an enormous influence on human civilization, the history of the world and global politics, other parts of the world are being cast aside though they had developed civilizations that have flourished in centuries before the Age of discoveries.
Before they became known as the New World, the Americas were more populous, more sophisticated and advanced even from Europe. (C. Mann, 2006)....

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