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Essay Questions:

1. Discuss how the Athenian and Roman ideas of government by citizens differed from that of other civilizations in the ancient world.

2. Discuss how Medieval Christianity (Gothic), Islam, and Buddhism each developed a particular style of art and architecture.

3. Discuss how trade developed in the Mediterranean Sea (Greeks), across the Sahara Desert (Arab), and across the Atlantic Ocean (Portugal and Spain).

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Ancient Greece is often thought of as the paradigm of democracy in the ancient world. The classical age of Greece spurred a movement towards a democratic form of government. However, democracy meant that the citizens were given power to legislate, and to hold executive power, but we have to remember that in ancient Greece the percentage of the population that were citizens was low in comparison to the number of people who were slaves, or alien residents. In Athens, citizens were elected, which is in contrast to the Ancient Egyptian notion of divine monarchy. Egyptians rulers thought of themselves as equal to the gods....

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