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QUESTION 1 cd to my home directory Create command string that will list ALL of the files entries with last modification date of October Save the output to file in your home directory called listing Note The command string should include the grep command A) What command string did you use? Is 41 grep "October 1' Is -la grep "Oct 1' Is -la grep /listing O Is -la grep "Oct ~/listing QUESTION 2 cd to my home directory. Generate a command string that will cat the file called $special file! You may need to quote the special characters to make this work What command string did you use? cat $special filel cat '$special filel' cat "$special filel" cat $special' file!" QUESTION 3 cd to my home directory. Will the following command string will list all the directories that have a size of 512 bytes? Is -la grep '512' True False QUESTION 4 Which UNIX shell operator will perform which function? (Append output to file A, VII B v/ C Recall last command Neutralize a single metacharacter D. Re direct input into a command string from a file QUESTION 5 cd to the letc directory Execute the following command Is au* .[mn]* The output is the following: -rw-r--r-- root root 675 Jan 24 19:04 auto master -rw-r--[-- root root 524 Mar 22 2012 auto misc rwxr-xr- root root 1374 Mar 22 2012 auto net This is exactly the output was hoping for What function are the performing? They look good and balance the command string. The uniquely match the m and n characters to ensure only the desired output is generated They neutralize the m and characters to hide the output They were used by mistake and have no meaning QUESTION 6 Create an alias called II. When executed will generate long listing of files including the file i-node numbers Will the following alias do this? alias II='Is li' True False QUESTION 6 Create an alias called II. When executed it will generate long listing of files including the file i-node numbers Will the following alias do this? alias II='Is li' True False QUESTION 7 You have an alias that is defined to be: alias pw-'ypcat passwd grep $USER' When executed, will this alias grep the passwd file for your username and output the passwd file entry for your account? Yes No QUESTION 8 When you execute the printenv command, the value asigned to HOSTNAME is cyberserver True False? True False QUESTION 9 Execute the command called printenv This will display the currently defined environment variables Does the PATH variable contain the path /usr/sbin? Yes No QUESTION 10 Execute the printenv command The value of your current command line shell is defined in what variable?

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Answer 1: D. ls -la | grep ‘Oct 1’ > ~/listing...

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