1. A(n) ____ is a weakness in a defined asset that could be taken advantage of or exploited by some threat.
a. vulnerability
b. threat
c. exposure
d. hole

2. The information resource or asset that is being protected from attacks is usually referred to as the ____.
a. key value
b. target of evaluation
c. main asset
d. target asset

3. A(n) ____ is a specific way to breach the security of an IT system through a vulnerability.
a. hole
b. exposure
c. exploit
d. threat

4. There are several aspects to security, and the owner of a system should have confidence that the system will behave according to its specifications. This is called ____.
a. confidentiality
b. reusability
c. accountability
d. assurance

5. A(n) ____ is a person who convinces people to reveal information such as unlisted phone numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information.
a. white hat hacker
b. social engineer
c. ethical hacker
d. social hacker

6.____ offers modeling tools that allow a business customer to manage news stories about his or her business.
a. Trellian
b. RelevantNoise
c. Carratu International
d. Reputica Dashboard

7.____ is a Web-based system and network monitoring solution. It provides a highly scalable, customizable, and easy to maintain system with a small footprint for monitoring the real-time availability of network devices, servers, and all network-related services in any IT infrastructure.
b. Big Brother
c. Sensepost
d. Wikto

8.____ is a Perl script that uses Google to extract subdomains and DNS names.
a. SpiderFoot
b. Nslookup
c. DNS Enumerator

9.Traceroute uses the ____ field in an IP packet to determine how long it takes to reach a target host and whether that host is reachable and active.
a. IHL
b. Flags
c. TOS
d. TTL

Legend: TTL=Time to Live

10.____ allows a user to select and download files that are linked from a specified Web page.
a. WebFerret
b. Web Site Watcher
c. WTR – Web The Ripper 2
d. Dogpile

11. In the process of scanning, the attacker tries to gather information about ____ that can be accessed over the Internet, the target’s operating systems and system architecture, and the services running on each computer.
a. specific IP addresses
b. Web sites
c. databases
d. ports

12.____ scanning is a procedure for identifying active hosts on a network, either to attack them or as a network security assessment.
a. Vulnerability
b. Port
c. Network
d. Host

13.A(n) ____ is a basic network scanning technique to determine which range of IP addresses map to live hosts (computers).
a. network scan
b. port scan
c. ICMP scan
d. ping sweep

14.All required information about a system can be gathered by sending ICMP packets to it, a process known as ____ scanning.
a. ping
c. network
d. system

15.Since a TCP connect() scan can be detected by an IDS, hackers started evading the detection by using a technique called ____ scanning.
a. stealth
c. half-open
d. Xmas

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