1). List and explain the different types of penetration testing and include the pros and cons of each.

2). In your own words explain why Linux is often targeted by hackers. Do you think this makes Linux less secure than other operating systems?

3). Robert is a new hire in the IT department of Wingtip Toys. He wants to be able to access all of the Windows Server 2008 servers on the company network from his workstation using Remote Desktop. Robert logs on to his workstation using his personal account, which currently has only domain user privileges. To give his user account the proper access, he logs onto the company’s Active Directory domain with the Administrator account and uses the Active Directory Users and Computers console to create a group called Remote Desktop Users. Then, he adds his domain user account to the group. However, when he logs on to the domain with his user account, the Remote Desktop Connection client is unable to connect to any of the remote servers. What must Robert do to correct the problem?

4). You are a server administrator who has been given the task of determining why a particular Windows Server 2008 server on a local area network is performing poorly. You must also implement a remedy for the problem. The computer is functioning as a file and print server for a small department of eight graphic designers. After monitoring the computer’s performance using the Performance Monitor tool, you have determined that the network itself is the bottleneck preventing peak performance. The graphic designers routinely work with very large files, saturating the network with traffic. Give two possible solutions that will remedy the problem and increase the performance level of the computer in question.

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1) I will reveal the following types of penetration testing methods from the currently existing ones: internal, external and black-box testing.
Internal penetration testing assumes that the attack will be performed from inside the IT environment of the target company. I consider it being the most devastating attack, because this means the attacker already knows the valuable information inside the network. Another thing which is crucial is that attacker has an authorization for access that allows him to perform this attack. It has a clear advantage over external simulation that the attacker has already that access level which allows him to test important parts of the environment.
External type is practically the most traditional way to perform this testing, from outside resources of the target company. The propeller is the usually the same as in the case of internal testing....

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