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1. Identify 4 different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and explain how requirements are used in each stage of the SDLC.

2. List and explain three criteria that the Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee should use to select and prioritize their projects.

3. Explain the relationship between the IT architecture and the IT Roadmap used in the IT Strategic Plan.

4. Different kinds of personnel are required to staff an IT department depending on their IT strategy. For the two organizations below, identify four important IT positions that an IT department should retain in-house in each organization scenario below and explain why these positions are important. .

   a. An organization whose IT strategy is to outsource as much of their   IT as possible, and
   b. An organization whose IT strategy is to develop proprietary, in-house applications that directly support their business and operation.

5. Explain what business continuity planning is, who should create the plan, and the role of IT.

6. Explain what it means to say that the β€œIT Strategic Plan is aligned to the business Strategic Plan.”

7. Explain why the IT architecture is important to the IT Steering Committee and how they could use it.

8. List and explain three reasons a Chief Information Officer (CIO) might outsource a project at a greater cost to the company.

9. The CIO is responsible for the business rules or requirements that generate a new system or changes to the existing system. How is his/her role responsible for these changes?

10. What is change management and how does it relate to the IT organization?

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1) Each stage of SDLC produces the deliverable which is required by the next stage of the lifecycle (Lane & Robbins, 2011). During SDLC planning phase it is performed an analysis of requirements – regarded as key component of this stage. Requirements analysis is done based on collaboration with the beneficiary and it puts together a large number of members and experts. The results of the analysis are afterwards used to establish the initial project approach. Final requirements (both functional and non-functional) are defined in the next SDLC stage (Definition); they are included in the SRS document (stands for Software Requirement Specification). The Design SDLC stage uses the requirements formulated by SRS for deriving the potential design approaches; these are included in DDS (Design Document Specification). Testing SDLC phase intends to reveal what must be fixed/replaced/adjusted in order to comply with the requirements definition from SRS. The testing procedures include test cases that usually cover all SDLC phases; they are developed following the already identified and formulated requirements.

3) IT Roadmap and IT Architecture are two parties implied in the aligning process between IT and Business Strategic Plans. During the last decades it could be noticed a significant change in managing IT within an organization; practically IT Roadmap is provided by IT Enterprise Architecture to obtain this alignment. IT Architecture deals with operations, while IT Roadmap involves strategies; in general the strategies are based on the operations analysis by decomposing these into simplest processes – which can be identified and exploited at architectural layer....
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