In Option #1, you have been hired as an IT expert by a small firm to set up an office for 20 staff members, half of whom will work with desktop computers and the remaining with laptop computers using wireless networks. The office will use one networked laser printer, accessible from both the desktop and laptop computers. The desktop computers will use a wired network, while the laptop computers will employ wireless network to print and access the Internet.

•Statement of the Problem or Need: Based on your review of the IT system, write a description of the purpose/need/rationale for the IT project at the business office. What problem(s) are you planning to solve at the business office?
•Project Deliverables: Write a description of the necessary hardware components and software to set up computer systems for the business office.
Last week you started making a list of computer hardware (desktop and laptop computers), peripherals, and network components (wired and wireless) with specifications required to set up the proposed business office. Include the following as part of the project deliverables for submission in Module 2:
•Type of power supply
•Type of motherboard
•Type of CPU and memory
•Types of storage and capacities
•Types of network interface cards (wired and wireless)
•Types and specifications for printers and scanners
•Types of expansion cards (if needed) for expanding ports
•Types of monitors (CRT, LCD) and specifications
•Specifications for laptop computers
•Any other required hardware component(s) of the items.
Select the most appropriate computer client operating system (COS) with reasons for its selection. Include the following (at minimum) as part of the project deliverables:
•Type of Windows operating system
•32-bit or 64-bit version
•Video and printers support
•Network and sharing features
•Windows help and support
•Any other relevant features of the selected COS.
Your Module 2 Portfolio Project Milestone should meet the following requirements:
•Three to four pages in length, not including cover and reference pages.
•Cite a minimum of three sources, two of which should be academic peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your responses.

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Network Configuration and Devices

Besides the required hardware components of the desktop and laptop computers it is also essential to be known the main network devices that will be used to set up the electronic working environment from the small firm. Since the office has only ten desktop computers and ten laptop computers, it suffices to be used a single router with Gbps support; this can be set up to work as switch and all desktop computers can be connected to it using star-network topology (Bisht & Singh, 2015). The wireless network can consist of a single Wi-Fi router configured as AP (Access Point); it can be connected to the wired network and all ten laptops use the network services and Internet access by connecting through the AP to the LAN. All hardware connections can be made using Cat 5/6 cables with RJ-45 connectors....

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