Written Report:
Write a report of up to five pages explaining the system you have chosen. Write the report as though you are writing it for a technically competent purchasing manager in a business.
Your report should include two sections. First, include a written report with a section for each major component you have chosen. Second include a spreadsheet, with URLs, showing the total price of the system.
The first section in your report is a written report of up to four pages. Include a section for each major component you have picked. For each component explain the choices you made, the reasons for your choice, the benchmarks and reviews that influenced your choice, and alternatives you considered. The sections on the motherboard should include documentation showing the motherboard supports the CPU and RAM you have chosen. Each section should include URLs for the component you have chosen as well as for at least two other components considered.

For each major component include consideration of the following:
• General description of the major factors that needed to be considered when choosing the component for this system. For instance, criteria for choosing the motherboard might include the size and reputation of the manufacturer, model, form factor, ports, slots, CPU socket, chipset, clock/bus speed, memory it supports (DDR 3/4, channeling, etc.), onboard video etc.?
• Alternate components considered. Show two alternates for each major component considered. Include live URLs for your chosen component and alternatives. I need to be able to follow each URL to evaluate your choices.
• For motherboards, include the URLs for the motherboard manual and supported CPUs and RAM.
• Benchmarks considered
• Reviews considered
• Reasons for choosing the component you chose
• Show how the component met or helped to meet the general and technical design requirements.

Component Spreadsheet:
The second section of your report is a spreadsheet showing the components chosen, with URL, the costs for each component, and the total cost of the system you have designed. Include the following in your component spreadsheet. If you need multiples of a particular component (i.e. RAM modules) include the quantity, unit cost and total cost for that component. Be sure that this spreadsheet includes everything needed to build your design. Include cables, adapters, thermal compound etc.

Component       Manufacturer    Model   URL    Quantity    Unit Cost      Total Cost
Video System
Boot Drive
Data drive
Optical Drive
Card Reader
Network Interface
USB System
Power Supply
CPU Cooling System
Case Cooling System
Operating System

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System components
We have done the searches for the computer components using 2 online markets: Amazon and eBay (that is cheaper than Amazon). Because of the shipping taxes, the components that we found on eBay have a higher price (with 1 USD to 3 USD), than the components found on Amazon.
1. We start with the processor. We know that Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 processors are used for performance computing, while Intel i7 and Intel Xeon processors are used gaming computers. Very good scientific computers have Intel Core i7 processors. Thus for a high performance general personal computer we choose an Intel Core i5 processor. The Coffee Lake version of these processors is the last version having improved computing performance. The Intel Core i5 processors power up many of the average scientific computers.   
Searching for the Intel Coffee Lake Core i5 processors on Amazon we find the Intel Core i5 9400F Desktop Processor that has 6 cores, and can be over clocked at 4 GHz. This processor has a 1151 socket and its usual frequency is 2.9 GHz. While the AMD series have the GPU integrated with the CPU, the Intel series does not have the GPU.
The benchmark for this processor Benchmark makes it comparable with Intel Core i7 7700, having a very good mark/price ≈70/100 . A Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake has a CPU benchmark of ≈16000, while this Intel Core i5 has a CPU...

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