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The legal regulation of business is a necessary evil in the Australian business environment. Discuss the arguments for and against this statement using examples of where the law has enhanced and hindered business.

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It is crucial to appreciate that the aspect of product compliance is a continuously evolving course. In the same way, legal regulations and laws that govern businesses change from time to time, thus necessitating manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, as well as suppliers to work innovatively in creating compliant goods and services. In this case, businesses whether retailers or producers are held accountable under the law to comply with some regulations. Notably, product compliance brings about instances of product propagation as well as complex product chains. Besides, the increased cases of compliance-related fines, penalties, as well as recalls give no room for non-compliance. The Australian business environment has laws that aim at ensuring sufficient protection for the concerned parties, integrity in business transactions as well as fair competition. However, these regulations may be unfavorable to some business and hinder the same. On a different note, these rules can be beneficial and enhance activities in the country. In this regard, this paper seeks to present a discussion that aims at pointing out that the legal regulation of business is unavoidable in the Australian Business Environment. In addition, the paper will illustrate rebuttal facts regarding the named thesis. Both discussions will be based on particular laws that enhance or hinder business operations in Australia....

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