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Please prepare a written summary of publishable quality (akin to an intelligent newspaper or blog article), describing a real life, recent (or current) dispute over a contract or agreement, using ideas from our unit on contracts. Ideally, the dispute will have taken place in the last five years (speak to me if you have particular concerns). You may select the story and news sources. [It does not, strictly speaking, have to be a business agreement, but it would behoove you to select a business dispute as that is the purpose of this course.] Suggestions for topics include employment disputes (e.g. noncompetes) or insurance contracts, adhesion contracts, arbitration clauses, exculpatory clauses, duress, impracticability, third party beneficiaries, or even the existence of an agreement. The choice is yours. (If you do select a story that involves intellectual property disputes, be sure to speak to the contract ideas.)
Please note this is NOT a case brief. It does not even need to follow the IRAC format. The audience for this writing would be more of a layperson with some knowledge of how contracts work (what you have been learning), like someone who reads the “Wall Street Journal.” The case will most likely be at some stage in the legal system, but it does not have to be. If it is still in a court, tell your audience where (if it’s no longer in court, do say where it took place).
Format: please use complete sentences (correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) as though you were turning this in to an editor, with an introduction, middle, and conclusion (if the dispute is ongoing, your conclusion can reflect what you think may happen). Headings are permitted. You may be creative, and encouraged to be so! (but language should be appropriate, of course)
Your summary should contain sufficient facts for the reader to determine what happened. But the biggest part of your grade will be how you tie it in to concepts learned in class or from the textbook (you may also cite to the textbook).
I would like a functioning link to the story (or at least a proper citation). You may rely on multiple news sources covering the event (and it may be a good idea to do so), in which case I would like multiple links or citations. Preferably, those links will be incorporated into your writing, like a hyperlink in a blog post. I do not want Wikipedia links.
Your summary should be at least 500 words, and no more than 1,000. Please upload documents as Word or PDF files (not .txt or .pages), and please provide a word count at the top of the page or with your submission.

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A civil lawsuit between plaintiffs (Please Gimme My Publishing, Inc., West Brands, LLC, Kanye West, and Ye World Publishing, Inc. aka Ye World Music) and defendants (EMI April Music, Inc., EMI Blackwood Music, Inc., and DOES 1-10) is more likely to result in litigation based on their recent public back and forth; plaintiffs, particularly Kanye West, want a termination of the 2003 personal services contract (songwriting and recording) citing California Law provisions, while the defendants comment that the already 15-year old contract is still in effect (TBO, 2019). At this point, pleadings may have already been submitted to various courts. Details of plaintiffs’ reasons for suing the defendants can be read from the publicly available complaint....

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