You work for a physical therapy provider company. Having become aware that the company is submitting false bills to Medicare, you inform the government agencies about their practices.
1. The owner of your company claims that he really did not know that his practices were against Medicare law. Will his defense work?
2. The company is planning to fire you for your role in informing the government? Can they do this?

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The Medicare Law & Practices
The introduction of this paper was to explore the scenario situation, which I work for a physical therapy company. I became aware of the company submitting false bills to Medicare, wand I informed the government agencies about their practices. I will explain the importance of Medicare Laws of the company, and the owner’s unwillingness claim that he did not understand the practices of Medicare law.
Furthermore, I will explain the owners defense and the company’s actions against me for whistleblowing them to the government. Therefore, this paper examined the justification of their actions against regarding Medicare Fraud, and the laws that I am protected under EEOC, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989....
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