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Write a 5-page essay (or more if you wish) on a particular social justice case. Just Mercy provides numerous potentials: capital punishment; anti-miscegenation laws; sodomy laws; voter rights; prison living conditions; jury composition; lynching; public defenders; incarcerated youth; veteran trauma and mental health; internships; bombings; prisons and mental illness; women in prison; abuse or rape in prison. There are others you could find, and many individual legal cases, such as Heart of Atlanta Motel or Loving v. Virginia. Find a case that you can investigate in a historical way. You could investigate a single case too, such as Troy Davis, the West Memphis Three, or Leo Frank. What can your individual case tell us about why things are the way they are now and where we should be heading? Just Mercy is really a series of case studies, so here’s a chance to find your own just as a lawyer would.

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On January 31, 1992, J. W. Ledford, 21 years old, admitted to murdering Dr, Harry Johnston after the latter accused him of stealing. Nonetheless, the defendant claimed his act was one of self-defense since the deceased had attacked him (The Associates Press, par. 4). During the trial, the court heard that after he had murdered the victim, the defendant forced his way into Dr. Johnston’s house and threatened to kill the wife. He also demanded money saying that he would use it to buy drugs. Ledford also stole a gun and then tied Mrs. Johnston on the bed. After a ten minute struggle, Mrs. Johnston was able to untie herself and alerted the police, who arrested the suspect. The court’s verdict was that the defendant was to be executed (The Associates Press, par. 6). The defense counsel appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the execution was upheld. While capital punishments might be deemed as sufficient for offenders such as Ledford, they are not effective. Hence, the American criminal justice system should substitute such punishment with rehabilitation.
Ineffectiveness of Capital Punishment
Capital punishment as it applies to the case of Ledford is not effective as it was applied arbitrarily. Research has demonstrated that capital punishment is employed in a disproportional manner against the minorities...

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