A researcher is interested in studying illegal drug markets. More precisely, she is interested in examining the extent to which drug dealers have abandoned legitimate ways to achieve the American dream. She wants to use a qualitative methodology but is unsure whether she should use complete observation, participation and observation, or covert participation.

For each strategy, write one paragraph in which you highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Based on your review of each strategy, which would you recommend to study illegal drug markets? Explain your answers.

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Data Collection Methods
The quality of research findings that researchers embrace is directly proportional to the research methods or data collection. Participant observation entails active participation of the research in the process of data collection. On the other hand overt participation happens when the researcher uses tools that do not directly have influence on the research process. Here interviews and questionnaires are the common tools.
There are several, advantages that each method has. Covert participant observation...
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