Library Research Assignment
Use the library, Internet, or any other available resources to write a 3–5-page paper that addresses the following questions:

Consider the possible stakeholders for your research project. Who are they?
What social, political, or personal factors might influence the direction of your research?
What interest groups would be involved?
What patterns might influence the direction of your research?
What are the possible policy implications of your research?
Provide some examples of policies that might result from your research.

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Truancy refers to absenteeism from school. The stakeholders that will be captured in the research on Functionality Family Therapy will be drawn from a wide range of participants. To start with, the state must be involved being it is the main provider and controller of education system. When education fails the state suffers because taxes that are used to fund education are lost. Additionally, it has been proven that when children participate in truancy, they are bound to become delinquent, participate in gang behavior, become sexually active at an early age. When these this happens, the state suffers as it is the one that provides health facilities to people who contract diseases (, n.d.). It also pays for maintenance or correctional facilities and uses additional funds to control insecurity.

Parents are the other stakeholders. Every child is born in a family whether functional or otherwise (, n.d.). This means that when a child is involved in truancy, the parents are the first victims. Delinquent child are known to harm their parents and at times their siblings. They steal from them. Delinquent children at times develop violent behavior. In some cases they beat up their siblings and this can bring disunity and disharmony in a family. In instances where they steal from outsiders and they are apprehended, the parents face stresses as they are the ones who miss attending their daily duties to follow court hearings. Such parents also pay for damages that such children cause. They settle legal fees also (, n.d.)....
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