You are the supervisor of a newly formed arson investigation unit. Although you have some personnel with basic crime scene training, you must start from the ground up to train them in elements of arson fire investigation.
You start your training by handing out a white paper that will provide information to them about fire, fuel, and accelerants.

Address the following in 3–5 pages:
Describe what a fire is in terms of its physical properties.
Identify and explain the 3 elements that make up the fire triangle.
Explain the oxidation process.
How is the process affected by how fast the oxidation occurs?
What are the primary accelerants? Identify and describe them.
What do they leave behind chemically after they burn? Explain.
How can investigators search for and find trace elements of the accelerants?
What are they looking for at the scene that indicates accelerants were used?
Be sure to reference all sources.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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There are several probable ways that an investigation related to an arson caused by accelerants can be undertaken.
It is essential to have an understanding of the fire properties, fire triangle, oxidation process, accelerants effects and determination of their input in a fire.
Also, it is critical that fire investigators have good evidence collection skills. Sometimes, investigators may overlook or assume important aspects of an investigation.
Other times, unintentionally, firefighters and investigators have introduced foreign evidence collected from a previous fire scene and seriously interfering with the facts of a present fire case under investigation.

The purpose of this paper is to give a guide to new investigators on the uniqueness of fire investigations as compared to other crime scene investigations that they are trained and experienced in.
A fire scene will always tell the origin of the fire, if accelerants were used or not and help to establish the motive behind the arson. In evidence collection, some of the areas that might have the key evidence may be undesirable to touch, but cannot be underestimated in the investigation.
The elementary crime scene training that the investigators have before-hand is vital to the gathering of evidence in fire investigations.
Describe what a fire is in terms of its physical properties.
The fast oxidation of materials through a process of combustion that releases heat, light and other by-products is known as a fire.
A flame may be visible or not visible to express the presence of the fire, but in most circumstances....
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