Search the library or the Internet for information about the zodiac killer. Read and analyze why you think the zodiac killer was never captured. Look at the story of the zodiac killer, and address the following questions:

How is this serial killer different from a normal homicide suspect?
What were his criteria when choosing his victims?
Did forensic psychology have any input into this case?
Why do you think he was never captured?
Hindsight is better than foresight—what else could have been looked at to help capture this killer?
Possible Points: 160


Topic Points: This can be a very difficult paper to structure because there are so many points you must discuss and identify, specific to your research. What I did was write one here that will make this much easier to structure and complete. You have the prior research packet on criminal investigative analysis that will prove helpful and I uploaded an entire set of articles on serial killers just to offer a bit more support. Let me offer this main point. Scholars have long offered that serial killers cease operation because they are dead, incarcerated, or otherwise incapacitated. In some cases, the trigger(s) are no longer present, which affords them a break from their offending cycle.

Conceptualization of Serial Killers (define and provide examples). For example, how does a serial killer differ from a mini-mass murderer or a spree killer?
Zodiac Killer
o    Summary of the Zodiac Killer

o    Victim Selection and Profile Characteristics (MO, Signature)

o    Analysis of Case, Observations, and Explanation for Eluding Law Enforcement

Forensic Psychology Insight into the Killings
o    Specific Policy Changes

I cannot stress enough that you must use an outline. I provide one here because this is a very difficult part of writing.

I have put together an outstanding set of resources that address the range of issues here. Check out the help file.

The school has provided you with an excellent resource but you may also use what has become my favorite resource.

Video Tutorial on Citing -

Use the Help File. You need Eight (8) Resources with 50% being Peer-Reviewed (the ones in the help file are peer-reviewed)

Paper Format:
4-6 Pages (1400 – 2100 Words) – This includes content only (the body of the paper)
12-point font and Reference section.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Despite the various reasons that different individuals might have for engaging in crime and criminal activities, there is no justification for unlawful behavior.
There are some criminal activities that are considered to be of greater magnitude when compared to others. For instance, pick pocketing, vandalism and defamation cannot be placed on the same pedestal such as rape, human trafficking and murder. The legal system in America has a long history with some serious crimes such as the criminal cases that involve many people or the cases that evoke a lot of public interest.
Some of these cases that spark off public interest include serial killer cases. This paper seeks to examine the case of the Zodiac Killer by looking into his case profile and trying to develop a forensic psychology insight into his case.
The paper will also attempt to analyze what was unique with the Zodiac Killer.
A serial killer can be described as an individual who commits more than three murders for the purpose of gratifying unusual or abnormal psychological needs.
Also, a serial killer can be a person who commits a series of murders, one after another, in a similar manner in different locations (Cahill, 2014).
Serial killers usually murder as many people as possible over a period of time but often take breaks of unspecified time to cool off before resuming their cycle.
Different serial killers are driven by different forces to commit their crimes. Some of the most common motivations for serial killers include;
• Power and Control -The drive of some serial killers is to be in control over their victims through having the power to decide how to torment them and also how to murder them.
• Visionary - Some killers are driven to commit their crimes. They claim that a higher power drives them to commit numerous murders and that they are unable to resist the urge. Visionary serial killers claim that the higher power compels them to murder. They view their actions as a way of ridding the world of unworthy people.
• Thrill - There are killers who thrive on the adrenalin rush they experience when they kill an individual.
Some also love to experience the fear and terror that their victims show when they realize they are about to die (Cahill, 2014)...
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