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You are the training and logistics officer for the Metropolitan Arson Squad. Your position requires you to demonstrate in writing the training and equipment needed for an arson unit to successfully operate in the field while conducting arson scene investigations. Your job is extremely important because the equipment and training sessions you are responsible for will save the lives of the unit and the public.

You will explain the resources and training necessary to accomplish the mission of arson investigation in the greater metropolitan area. You will address tools and equipment for strategic needs as well as safety equipment. You will also discuss training that would support the arson crime investigative effort.

Address the following in 3–5 pages:
Describe the personal items each arson investigator should carry.
Identify at least 2 lighting types that would be necessary to use in an arson scene.
Thinking of head-to-toe protection, describe 4 critical items of safety equipment and their intended uses.
What is the minimum number of personnel at an arson scene investigation? Why is that number important? Explain.
Why is it important to be able to conduct a scientific interview? Explain in detail.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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There are basic guidelines that should be followed by fire investigators at all times.
The basic guidelines are foremost supposed to protect the fire investigator as well as enhance the investigations at the crime scene.
Also, they help in evidence collection and documentation of what the investigators observe from the arson site.
The investigators use items at the crime scene such as safety equipment, excavation tools, evidence collection tools and documentation tools (Hemmerling, 2015).
Fire investigators face dynamic environments and settings while they are carrying out their fire investigation duties.
Fire investigators are often exposed to hazardous materials and injuries since they are the first personnel that access a fire scene.
It is essential that fire investigators are adequately prepared to deal with the dynamic fire environments they encounter.
Adequate training is essential in ensuring that they are well prepared to carry out fire investigations. Further, it is vital to ensure that they carry out the investigations safely without exposing themselves to the hazardous environments.
Personal Items Fire Investigators Need To Carry
The team carrying out an arson investigation should have a basic understanding of the different types of light that can be used at an arson scene and there different purposes.
a) Ballistic vest
It protects the fire investigator from shrapnel in the event of an explosion since it is possible that the arson site could have explosives or any other material that could explode....

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