In November of 1978, 913 people out of 1,100 people committed suicide in Guyana in a settlement called Jonestown. This settlement was ruled by a person named Jim Jones. He held psychological control over the inhabitants.

If Jim Jones had been profiled before Senator Leo Ryan and members of his party were killed, would there have been such an incident? Discuss the following in your response:

Would there have been a mass suicide?
What would cause hundreds of people to willingly take poison?
What would have been the constitutional ramifications of profiling Jim Jones before such an incident?
Could there have been a cursory profile based on newspaper accounts of the People's Temple?
Possible Points: 125

Topic Points:
The last paper is entirely up to you on the format. I have provided the first four and this last one is your chance to demonstrate that you truly understand how to arrange an outline.
Let me offer that we have considerable research into this incident and others like it from around the world. Finding scholarly research should not provide difficult.
It is imperative that you come to utilize the scholarly research to frame the study and explain the mass suicide and the indoctrination that afforded Jim Jones his absolute power and control over his congregation.
Researching other cults is important to understand the varying techniques but they all coalesce around the core mechanisms that even states use to control people. It always starts subtle.

Concerning the profiling component, intelligence gathering done legally is not an issue, what becomes an issue is when the state seeks to enter into the private property for intelligence gathering. Ultimately, what I look for here is with the information that was known, should there have been an alert or some clear warning of what was about to occur?

The school has provided you with an excellent resource but you may also use what has become my favorite resource.

You will want to have at the very least five scholarly resources for this paper.
Paper Format:
3-5 Pages (1050 – 1750 Words) – This includes content only (the body of the paper)
12-point font and Reference section.

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Profiling Jim Jones

Psychological profiling was made famous in the 1940s due to the rise of serial killers at that time in the United States.
Commonly referred to as investigative profiling or behavioral criminal, it has since evolved and become one of the popular methods law enforcers apply to catch up with up or arrest law offenders (Schlesinger, 2009).
Jim Jones, the head of the Peoples' Temple, portrayed some wanting traits. If the government had taken into consideration the complaints of some of the defectors from his church, the situation could have been handled earlier prior to the assassination of Senator Leo Ryan.


Holding people against their will was a tactic applied by Mr. Jones to maintain his high number of followers. He took advantage of the situation in the United States at that particular moment and used it to gain his followers.
Jim Jones came up with a socialist approach to the general public. He managed to capture the favor and hearts of the less fortunate in the society by brainwashing them with the theme of we are all the same regardless of our social status or race.
Due to this fact, Jones managed to get a gathering that could listen to whatever he had to say. Prior to the mass suicide, it is known that he was paranoid and always thought that people were coming after him and his followers.
This paranoia led to him threatening people of the possibility of a mass suicide.
Considering all the mentioned behavioral patterns of Mr. Jones and the Peoples’ Temple and some more discussed in the paper, it is quite evident that the profiling of this character could have saved the lives...
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