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Forensic entomology (FE) is the study of insects as it relates to criminal or civil investigations.

In criminal cases, it is used to determine postmortem interval.

In civil cases, FE may be used because of the introduction of insects into a consumer product or infestation of a structure.
A blowfly is an insect commonly used to aid in the determination of postmortem interval.

Research the use of the blowfly in determining postmortem interval.

APA supported

4 to 6 pages

NO FIRST person

Yes abstract

Yes Introduction

Yes conclusion

minimum of 5 references.

Describe the stages of the life cycle of the blowfly?

How long is its life cycle (hours/days/weeks/years)?

How does temperature and moisture affect the length of the blowfly’s life cycle?

When time of death is in question, what is the process by which a forensic entomologist would collect samples?

What other information must an FE gather at the scene during the investigation?

What does the FE attempt to accomplish after gathering samples and information and bringing the items back to the laboratory?

How does the infestation of the blowfly affect the rate of decomposition?

After certain lengths of time, other insects infest the remains of a body. Provide examples of the other insects that do this. What are the time intervals in which infestation occurs?

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Forensic Entomology


Determining the postmortem interval (PMI) is the most important duty that forensic investigators face in their line of work.
A detailed and accurate PMI may play a crucial role in determining the suspect as well as the victim of the crime.

Although many techniques that can help at determining the PMI have been proposed, this study is going to put much emphasis on the use of blowflies.
An in-depth research was done on scholarly articles that have discussed the use of blow flies in determining the time of the death of individuals.

The study will put much emphasis on factors that enable the use of these flies in forensic entomology.


Time passed after a person has died is of grave importance.
In cases of homicides, post- mortems come in handy because of the needed investigations.

Blowflies are one of the tools that some people prefer to use when doing post-mortems.
Forensic entomologists are the people known for using insects in doing post-mortems.
In homicidal investigations, forensic entomologists are usually called upon so as to determine the post-mortem interval.

Frequently this group of specialists determines the post-mortem interval by the age of the insects present on the corpse.

This mode of estimation is also called Time Since Colonization. According to the factors, in different cases, this method may or may not produce accurate results.
Blowflies also known as Lucilia sericata, Lucilia illustris, and Chrysomya...

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