Approximately 70%–75% of homicides are committed with firearms. Write 4–5 pages that answer the following questions:
Part 1

Explain how a handgun is manufactured, most specifically the bore of the barrel.

Why is rifling present in the bore of the barrel? What is the purpose of rifling?

Compare and contrast a revolver versus a semiautomatic handgun. How is the caliber of a handgun determined?

Explain the difference between a bullet, shell casing, and a projectile.

When examining a handgun, projectile, or shell casing, provide examples of class and individual characteristics.

What is the difference between a perforating gunshot wound and a penetrating gunshot wound?

Compare and contrast the characteristics of an entrance wound versus an exit wound.

Part 2

What are the characteristics that might exist or not exist for determining the muzzle-to-target distance?

There are four ranges. At each range, what is the muzzle-to-target distance?

contact to near contact

close range

medium range

distant range

Explain the characteristics that might exist or not exist at each range. For example, a bullet hole will be a characteristic at each range.

What types of evidence would an investigator document from a handgun of a death scene?

Cite all references using APA citation format.

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The rise in murder cases by the use of firearms has since increased. This increment is very alarming and should be put under control as soon as possible.
It is for this reason that the government should put strict rules on gun ownership.

Apart from this, the government should also educate its law enforcing officers on matters concerning such cases. It is for this reason that an in-depth study and research on handguns has been discussed in this paper.
The discussion gives a broad and general perspective on handguns.


An increase in the number of firearm-related homicide cases is on the rise in the United States of America.
Miller, Azrael and Hemenway (2007) attribute the rise of these cases to the increase in the rate of gun ownership in households.
Referring to a survey research, Hemenway and Miller (2000) noted that states with a higher percentage of household gun ownership had more cases of firearm related homicide and murder in general.

The US has a gun ownership rate averaging at 88%; this makes it the country with the highest gun ownership rate.
A research done by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Homicide showed that the increase in the number of small firearms was the cause of the exponential rise in gun-related killings (Hemenway and Miller, 2000). In 2007, the UNODCH estimated the rate of gun-related homicides at 3.2 per 100,000 people (Miller et al.,...
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