The Five Goals Of Criminal Sentencing And Their Benefits (835 words)

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Synthesize the five goals of criminal sentencing by completing the following steps:
Identify the five goals of criminal sentencing as discussed in Chapter 9 or by using outside sources.
Analyze the importance of these goals to criminal sentencing.
Support your analysis by referencing and properly citing the textbook and at least one (1) scholarly source other than the course textbook.
Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.

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Criminal justice system has well defined and rigid procedures of punishing the wrong doers and compensating the victims. The procedures also increase the objectivity of the judgment, hence offering an equitable platform for all citizens. However, the system adopts a flexible sentencing approach depending on the situation of the offender and the nature of the crime. For instance, a shoplifter is likely to get a more lenient punishment as compared to a cold blood murderer. Nonetheless, despite the flexibility, there exists the core goal of the sentencing procedure that serves different functions. As such, any sentence passed through criminal justice systems must be highly objective and attempt to meet one of the five goals. The five goals include rehabilitation, deterrence, restoration, incapacitation, and retribution.
Retribution is the...
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