Evidence Collection and Packaging at a Homicide crime Scene (1530 words)

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You are a crime scene investigator on a homicide, and you find that you have several types of evidence that must be photographed, logged, and recovered from that scene.
More specifically, there is drying blood on the floor that needs to be collected, a handgun and several shell casing near the victim, and several hairs that are still in the hand of your deceased victim.

For this assignment, you are to do the following:

Explain how you would recover dried blood, a handgun, shell casings, and hairs that are at the crime scene.

What tools you would use to recover the evidence?

How would you package the evidence for safekeeping and transportation?

What types of tests could be performed on this evidence at the crime lab?

Provide APA citation and references for your material.

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Evidence Collection and Packaging at a Homicide crime Scene


On May 30 May 2015, my team and I visited the home of John Kernel after a report of a possible homicide.
On arrival, the investigating officers found a drying blood sample on the floor of John Kernel who had been shot several times.
John also had a few hairs on his palm. On his side, there were shell casings and a fired handgun. The investigating team concluded that the case was a possible homicide and marked the home as a crime scene.

The purpose of this report is to explain the procedure my team and I used to collect, document and analyze evidence in the crime scene.
Additionally, the report explains the tools and equipment used in the investigation to increase accuracy and reliability.

Keywords: Evidence, Accuracy, Data, Validity, Efficiency, Procedure
Evidence Collection and Packaging at a Homicide crime Scene


According to the callers report, he had heard a few shots from Kernel home, thus making him call the police.
After site reconstruction, the investigators found that there had been more than two unidentified footprints in Kernel sitting room where he was lying.
On his hand, Kernel had roughly a dozen hairs in his palm. In addition, there was a handgun of the floor and three shells.

On further investigation, the investigators found that Kernel was shot...
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