Familiarize yourself with the World Health Organization (WHO).
First, identify a country to research (select one which you do not reside). Provide a brief statistical overview of the country you selected, including population, gross national income per capita, total expenditure on health, and the probability of dying in varying age groups.
Second, determine what the three (3) top causes of death in that country are.
Finally, research and answer the following questions, providing support for your answers:
How do the causes of death in that country deteriorate one's health?
What are the risk factors in the country that cause the population to most likely die from these causes?
Has the country had any recent outbreaks (ie. Swine Flu)?
What is the life expectancy of individuals in that country?
Provide citations and references for your material in APA style.

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Being one of the most populous developing economies, Brazil can provide a good sample size for research. It is for this reason that the South American country has been chosen as a case study. The country is known to have been hit by the worst epidemic in history. The outbreak ended up surpassing the World Health Organization epidemic definition figure of 300 per 100,000 to reaching a high of 367.5 per 100,000. Brazil is also known to have a larger population of youth from as young as 10 to 35 years of age. Many factors contribute to the mortality of Brazil’s population. The major contributors are coronary heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes mellitus. The discussion is going to look at Brazil’s residents the risks they have in contracting some diseases and their average life expectancy.
Brazil is a country located in the southern part of the American continent. With a total land area of 8,456,510 square km, the country is home to an indigenous population of about 900,000 people. However, the total population of the country is approximately 196,342,592. According to Polaski, et, al. (2009), since the year 2000, Brazil has witnessed sustained economic growth. This economic growth comes after several turbulent...
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