Following the presentation to the 16 new investigators in your squad a question and answer period sparks personal viewpoints on the Exclusionary Rule Exceptions. The new investigators turn to you as the supervisor and ask for your opinion. You provide them with cited reasons for your opinion.

Please include answers in your main posting for the following questions. Support your answers with your research. You must provide meaningful feedback to the main postings of at least two of your classmates.

Explain why you believe or don’t believe that exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule should be made.
Select three exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule and cite your reasons for their validity and any reason why the exceptions may be in error if you believe any of them are in error.
Explain the conditions in which you would allow your investigators to lie to a suspect during an investigation and why it would be alright to do so. Use a short scenario to demonstrate your intended meaning to your investigators.

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It is vital to note that the police are accountable for enforcing the law. In this regard, they may never break the statutes of the American Constitution willingly when gathering evidence (Snow, 2014). Coupled with the possibility that prior evidence might not incriminate an accused lawbreaker; exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule become paramount. For instance, a search warrant for additional evidence should have a probable cause to validate it (Snow, 2014). Such an assertion is valid because it is critical to note that the Exclusionary Rule rejects the use of ...

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