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For any biometric to be successfully used for identification or verification, the database and technology used to obtain and maintain comparison samples must be properly implemented and managed. The Integrated Automate Fingerprint Information System (IAFIS) maintained by the FBI is the world’s largest and most successful fingerprint database.

Respond to the following in your paper:
Why does the IAFIS work so well?
What measures must be in place for new and emerging biometrics databases to be effective?
Cite an example of an emerging biometrics database and its future potential.
Support your work with properly cited research and examples of the selected biometrics applied in the public and private sector.

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Since its launching in middle 20th century, the US government, as well as other international government has supported the approach by offering a reliable fingerprinting database. For instance, once dwelling in the US, the government requires both the foreigners and citizens to submit their fingerprinting data upon becoming a senior or during the entry for the foreigners. As such, the system remains with all the necessary data to track and match any individual prints provided one remain the USA. Due to the wide subscription of the biometric, it gives the most reliable database for specific search and automated identifications (Bongrazio, Pries, Gräfe, & Zakrzewicz, 2007).
Reasons behind IAFIS efficiency
The IAFIS is an international biometric database with increased efficiency, usage, and adoption due to several factors. To begin with, the IAFIS systems use receives government support as both internal and external security approach. In the US and other developed countries, biometric security is the most applicable source of individual data as applied in scene reconstruction and criminal investigations. Secondly, the FBI, the holders of the biometric database undertakes a periodic maintenance check to ensure that the database remains up to date. Among the checked factors, include the irrelevant data as well as the omitted identification. For instance, if a criminal is arrested in the US and his...

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