The Investigative Approach In Both Homicide And Environmental Deaths (1740 words)

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Environmental deaths include drowning, lightning, hypothermia, and hyperthermia. Write a 3–5-page paper comparing environmental deaths and homicide investigations; be sure to cover the following:
- Elaborate on each type of environmental death including drowning, lightning, hypothermia, and hyperthermia.
- Choose a state in the United States, and research the rates of occurrence of these types of deaths in that state.
- After determining the rate of occurrence, break the occurrences down into age groups, race, and sex.
- The investigative approach in homicide vs. natural causes
Provide citations and references for your materials in APA style.

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Howell (1999), a scholar and a crime specialist asserted that the major difference between homicide and environmental death is that they differ in motive. In his research, Howell estimated that the player or the victim must have showed no motive to cause death. However, in the cases listed as homicides, the player made a prior decision to kill the victim before acting on it. As such, a player in an environmental death remained blameless despite causing or facilitating death. Nonetheless, the scholar also explained that human errors led to environmental deaths. Leading US government adoption of ethical policies, operating procedures since 1903 within which any death falls under environmental death. The available research on the environmental deaths was conducted following several regulating factors to classify deaths as environmental or homicides. For instance, despite the medical conditions of an individual, that lead to death of the patient, the ethical polices dictated that the doctor attend to the patient and attempt to save his life. If the patient’s death occurred within the stipulated ethical policies, then the death was constitutionally environmental and the doctor was not answerable as he did the best his profession permitted. However, in case of death due to inaction, the doctor was answerable to ethics committee. In addition, any environmental death that occurred in pursuit of a tactical advantage must also had occurred with the agree usage policies. In example, if an individual set laser in a public path, the investigators investigated for homicide because the laser policy limited lasers applicability to guarded and established locations only. Due...
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