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The bones of the face, or skull as it is sometimes referred to, are there for the purpose of protecting and supporting the entrance to the digestive system and the respiratory system. These bones also provide sites for the attachment of muscles that control the mouth, eyes, scalp, and lower jaw. The bones and muscles of the face and head are all needed by forensics teams to recreate what was once the face of an individual. This is known as facial reconstruction. The skull provides clues to the personal appearance. Facial reconstruction can put a name on an unidentified body in a modern forensic case.

In 4–6 paragraphs, address the following:
Why do you think facial reconstruction is important to a crime scene? Explain.
What do you think are the most significant challenges associated with facial reconstruction? Explain.
What is the most important historical contribution to the study of facial reconstruction? Why?
What role do you think technology has played in improving facial reconstruction techniques? Provide an example to support your argument.

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Facial reconstruction is a process through which scientists recreates a human face for skeletal remains for identification. Unlike other forms of biometric identification, facial reconstruction employs more than three different forensic disciplines including Osteology, anatomy, and anthropology. In most case, scientists use the structural details of the remains and use them for forensics amalgamation to derive a possible face (Phillips, 2000). Further, Phillips expounds that facial reconstruction is slowly being embraced as a form of biometric identification...

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