DNA fingerprinting is used in other kinds of court cases than criminal cases. Other cases in which DNA profiling is used are custody, paternity, estate settlement, hair analysis, forensic IT, and many more. Because of the information contained in a single sample, it is very important that the same be obtained and maintained in a manner that does not jeopardize the DNA sample.

In 4–6 paragraphs, address the following:
List and discuss the different processes that should be utilized to avoid contamination of DNA fingerprinting samples.
What do you think is the most significant contamination issue with regard to DNA testing? Explain.
What about DNA fingerprinting? Explain.
Provide 2 examples where court decisions have been made directly because of DNA evidence contamination.
How do you feel about the outcomes of these cases? Explain.
How significant is DNA evidence in determining the outcome of modern court cases? Explain in detail.

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Subsequent the sensitivity of the DNA profiling, scientists use distinctive measures to uphold the integrity of the samples, processes and test results. Different facilities use customized contamination guidelines depending on the nature of the samples and the appropriate procedures (INFSI, 2010. Nonetheless, there are the major policies utilized in almost all DNA fingerprinting facilities that include ENFSI quality controls and geographical segregation. To begin with, all facilities must follow the ENFSI quality assurance guide, which dictates the separation of working and reference areas as well as equipping the restricted areas and machines with alarms and audio signs....

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