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POST 1 - Nicole

What are 2 types of disorders that might be affecting this complainant, and why did you consider them?
The first disorder this specific inmate may be dealing with is a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorders (GAD) are defined as “…exaggerated worry and tension, often expecting the worst, even when there is no apparent reason for concern. They anticipate disaster and are overly concerned about money, health, family, work, or other issues” (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, 2015). Individuals who have been diagnosed with GAD have shown features of having this type of anxiety for approximately six months, as well as the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, fatigue or lack of concentration, or perhaps even not being able to relax. In addition to an individual being diagnosed with GAD, several other mental health issues may arise such as depression, substance abuse, PTSD or even phobias.

The second type of disorder he may be dealing with is known as Paranoid Personality Disorder. Paranoid Personality Disorder may be defined as “…having a long-standing pattern of pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others. A person with paranoid personality disorder will nearly always believe that other people’s motives are suspect or even malevolent” (Paranoid Personality Disorder Symptoms, 2015). Several symptoms that may be identified by an individual suffering with Paranoid Personality Disorder may include (but are not limited to) suspecting that others are exploiting or deceiving themselves, non-forgiving in regards to injuries or insults, and quick to counterattack or react with anger. However, if an individual has already been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorders, then this specific diagnosis will not be identified because they are already dealing with these issues.

What types of referrals are available for a mentally ill person of this sort?
In order to assist an inmate who has been diagnosed with the mental disorders listed above, there are quite a few options that may be beneficial to the individual. The first type of referral that may be used is therapy. “Individual and group therapy is available to inmates using mental health services. Many inmates suffer from hard to treat personality disorders, particularly Antisocial, Narcissistic, and Borderline Personality Disorders” (Mauro, 2009). Another type of referral may be to transfer an inmate from a correctional facility to a mental health facility so they can receive around the clock care and attention that is needed for their specific mental issues.

How should you continue to handle this inmate’s reported intelligence information, and why?
Correctional officers should continue to document this information that is being received from the older inmate, just in case a riot does happen. Even if this particular inmate is creating the delusions in his head, he should always be taken seriously because there is no guarantee this information is true or false. Another way to document the information the inmate is presenting is to question the employers in the infirmary to see if they are giving inmates or other forms of weapons that may cause danger to the other inmates as well as the Correctional Officers who are employed in this facility.

POST 2 - Ralph

Two personality disorder
The inmate appears to be struggling with first of all borderline personality disorder. The inmate appears to be displaying a pattern of instability, and is having periods of stress related paranoia (Mayo Clinic Staff, 1998). The second personality disorder the inmate is dealing with is paranoia personality disorder. The inmate seems to be losing contact with reality, and has a feeling that the Muslims are plotting some evil scheme (Mayo Clinic Staff, 1998). The inmate is showing symptoms such as belief that others are trying to harm and deceive him, and pervasive distrust and suspicion of others and their motives (Mayo Clinic Staff, 1998).

Type of Referrals
There are many referrals for mental disorders, but the resources for them are limited (World Health Organization, n.d.). Inmates who have mental disorders can be referred to a psychiatric ward, but the problem is that they are very expensive to operate (World Health Organization, n.d.). Inmates sometimes would have to be referred to an outside health department (World Health Organization, n.d.).

How to handle the inmate
It is important to handle the inmate with extreme care, because it is a way to reduce stigma and discrimination (World Health Organization, n.d.). It also increases the probability of the inmate being released from prison having the ability to make the adjustments being back into society (World Health Organization, n.d.). It could reduce the probability of the inmate returning to prison also (World Health Organization, n.d.). The inmate is always to be taken serious no matter what stories are made up, because you don’t want to give the inmate the impression that he is being isolated because of his views. In this situation it would be wise to avoid a discrimination suit from being filed.

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Post one
I concur with McCann that the patient might be suffering from either General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD). Although the case under exploration does not warrant that the patient is suffering from these two conditions, the symptoms substantially indicate the possibility. To begin with, a patient suffering from GAD experiences heightened emotions, which lead to unnecessary worry over his or her well-being. Consequently, the patient undertakes irrational measures to enhance the security in his or her immediate environment....
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