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Some forms of forensic investigation--such as DNA analysis--can be very costly, or there is a backlog of cases that need evidence analyzed. How would you respond to those who believe that every piece of DNA evidence found at a crime scene should be examined? Can the criminal justice system afford this, and would taxpayers be willing to pay for these additional DNA tests?

In your opinion, when should forensic biology be applied to criminal investigations?
Forensic Biology should be applied in the criminal investigation when given that timely scientific scrutiny of biological proof. When suitably utilized the testing has the possible to supply impartial info to the crime investigation like link or else remove a accused with biological proof, prove case situations, validate or else disprove an alibi, and to pinpoint a firearm used.

Provide 2 significantly different examples where forensic biology should be applied to a criminal investigation?
Forensic Biology should be applied to crime investigation when they gather as well as firearms plus additional surfaces to ascertain the time and cause of demise. Also forensic biology should be applied to crime investigation when they collect leaves, insects as well as additional biological material and inspect the sufferer’s sartorial and leftovers.

Provide 2 significantly different examples where forensic biology should NOT be applied to a criminal investigation?
Forensic Biology should not apply in a crime scene investigation when they examine money, identifications, and additional significant papers for fraud. Also forensic biology should not apply when they discovery the matters of a blood pattern as well as scrutinizing unidentified matters found at the scene of a crime.

Should the cost of forensic biology tests and activities be considered when conducting a criminal investigation?
The cost of some DNA testing is borne by the applicant, unless the applicant is indigent; in that case, the cost of the DNA testing is borne by the government. However, the court can order DNA testing to be conducted by another qualified laboratory if the court makes all necessary orders to ensure the integrity of the evidence and the reliability of the testing process and results. “DNA technology is expensive, but the potential cost benefits are staggering given both the tangible and intangible costs incurred because of crime that can be solved with the aid of DNA technology” (W. Mark Dale, September 2006).

How do you think the field of forensic biology can be improved with regard to criminal investigations?
Forensic Biology can improve in criminal investigation by changing some of the methods and make it better than before with lesser mistakes. Improvements for forensic biology means the risk of laboratory error will be higher until all the problems are worked out.

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Between 2005 and 2006, the US Department of Justice undertook a research to identify the cost of DNA testing and analysis across the justice system. The aim of the study was to analyze the cost-benefit of the processes as well as indicate the independent costs of the different tests and procedures. The study revealed that DNA analysis uses a noteworthy amount of Criminal Justice Systems resources as compared to the solved cases (Fuller, 2011). Conclusively, the department asserts that DNA testing and analysis is expensive especially following the high number of case kits. In addition, most of the samples derived for testing end up giving inadmissible evidence or irrelevant information despite the expenses. According to Fuller (2011), the cost is a significant factor when determining whether to carry out a DNA analysis....
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