Your supervisor informs you that each criminal justice agency in your community has to develop a new crime fighting strategy for the coming fiscal year that must be based on a crime causation explanation to be presented to the city council for funding your department. Using the library and other available resources, prepare a brief summary of a policy linked to a theory that you would proposed.

In your response, please address the following:

The purpose of the policy
The theory guiding your policy
Anticipated benefits
Benefits and disadvantages of your policy
The implementation plan
When commenting to other students’ posts, consider the following:

Do you agree with the viability of their policy?
Do you see any additional advantages or disadvantages to their policy?

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The community requires a policy that will ensure that each person is safe and the justice system serves its purpose. The security policy to be used will be derived from the Idea of Common Security Theory where the community members need to come together to address the security concerns affecting them. The policy will aid in bringing the people together by...

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