Choose one country or area of your choice to analyze and describe either: 

1) Contemporary forms of human trafficking (sex trafficking, child trafficking)
2) Forced labor

Define and characterize it according to the following: 

Where this type of trafficking occurs? 

Who are the victims? 

How are they victimized? 

Who are the perpetrators? 

-Further support your analysis by providing evidence and information regarding to any NGO (Non-Government Organization) activity in relation to combat human trafficking, forced labor or human smuggling. Is the local government of the particular country or area playing an active role in combating these issues? 

*Support your project with online sources (websites, short movies, journals) and give your suggestions that you think might improve the situation in that country or area. Choose credible research sources that will give you a greater perspective on the issue.

**Find at least four research sources that will help you understand the issue. How large is this problem worldwide? What laws, treaties or international agreements exist to combat this issue? Why aren’t they successful? 

- Must be of at least two pages in length (DOES NOT INCLUDE YOUR REFERENCE PAGE) double spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Feel free to consult and cite textbooks, websites and any other forms of medium in preparing this work. Whenever you directly quote from or paraphrase you must indicate the citation and page number.
-Your references should be written in either MLA or APA style. This includes the in-text citations as well as the references on a separate page.

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In recent years, we have witnessed human trafficking across the country, especially in Lagos, Nigeria. However, there are many challenges facing human trafficking across Lagos, Nigeria that ends in reuniting of love ones to tragedy. I will define and characterize human trafficking, according to the following: (1) where this type of trafficking occurs?, (2) who are the victims?, (3) how are they victimized?, and (4) who are the perpetrators. I will address the contemporary forms of human trafficking in the United States of America, which involves sex and child trafficking.
Furthermore, I will support the analysis by providing evidence and information regarding to any NGO (Non-Government Organization) activity in relation to combat human trafficking, forced labor and/or human smuggling. Also, I will be addressing the local government of the particular country and/or the active role in combating these issues. Finally, I will address the issues facing human trafficking, and how large is this problem worldwide. I will analyze the...
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