Community Corrections
The purpose of this paper is to assess the effectiveness of an area of community-based corrections and propose an informed solution.
• _Identify the specific area of community-based correction to be researched (i.e. half-way houses, Day Reporting Centers, etc.)
• _Discuss its development over time, whether and to what extent it is used as a rehabilitative or a retributive sanction, and where it fits in the system of corrections (pre-institutional corrections, post institutional corrections, both).
• _Incorporate the explicit goal(s) of the program, the process by which it reaches that goal (which may be tied to the rehabilitative vs. retributive approach), and what may indicate success or failure.
• _Find research that has evaluated this type of community-based approach and summarize these research efforts. Be sure and find at least 3 good sources of information for this section and only one may be from the internet. Be sure to keep in mind similarities and differences in the type of offender and differences in the approach used when assessing such research.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the approach and set yourself up to propose an informed solution, addition, and/or modification to the program based on what you now know.
Use APA format for citations and bibliographic references
5-10 pages
Use a 12 font
Use 1.5 spacing
Margins should be 1 inch top, bottom, left, and right
Use section headings

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Managerial practices in the Corrections System is evolving and becoming more advanced in the goals and performance of its leadership, management, and employees. The Correction Systems goals is to (1) Develop new and effective leadership styles, (2) Effective communication, (3) Resolving interpersonal workplace conflicts, (4) Effective training, and (5) Adaptation and positive change in a hostile work environment for managers, correctional officers and employees. These goals will be examined by understanding and neutralizing conflicting goals in the Correctional System.
Prison Management officials believe that enrolling offenders in rehabilitation programs during incarceration can provide a cognitive-behavioral approach toward criminalgenic thinking, while immersing them in a modified therapeutic community before they reenter society. According to Eckholm (2008), an element of the rehabilitation process for female and male African American offenders is learning what unacceptable behavior is, and relearning how to act in their communities and society. Furthermore, managers and social workers believe that rehabilitation counselors must address antisocial behavior using a positive, respectful approach, offering information that is pertinent to an offender’s life on the outside. Parole and probation officers can help reinforce positive social behaviors as ex-offenders pursue their new lives following release from prison.
Johnson and Hickey (1999) posited that counselors must provide rehabilitation treatment in a secure location so that the offender will not be exposed to any external distractions. Counselors have observed that offenders’ behavior is more predictable during incarceration. According to LeDuc (2001), rehabilitation counselors evaluate offenders using an assessment scale ranging from low risk to high risk. High-risk offenders are more likely to have their treatment extended and be monitored closely so that counselors may conduct further behavioral assessments. Low-risk offenders are likely to have their treatment reduced if there are no inconsistencies or irregularities in their behavioral patterns, and they may reenter their communities under minimum supervision.
The five Correctional Goals will be examined, addressed, and analyzed using the following conflicting interpretation of its objective. The correctional goals will examine why we have conflicting goals in the Correctional System; how can we minimize conflict, and the possibility of how these goals conflict (which may actually be good for corrections). Furthermore, the study will address the following conflicting...
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