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A university in the Washington, DC area would like to offer a high-tech crime class for the next school year and would like to contract your team to provide a course design for its implementation.

Explain to the university (in a whitepaper) the characteristics of high-tech crime also known as Internet, cyber, and computer crime.

Explain the use of current technologies to both carry out and fight cyber crime.

In addition, explain the technological, cultural, and political influences which are advancing the growth of high-tech crime.

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Examining the Characteristics, Elements, and Causes of Cyber Crime

According to Broadhurst (2006), cyber or computer crime is any crime that entails computers and network interventions. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the crime rates especially in the developed countries such as USA and Canada. In a judicial concept, cyber-crime is any intentional or unintentional access to individual or group data with intent to harm or disorient the owner of the networks. The damage includes psychological, reputation, monetary or any other consequential loss of a digital action. In the USA, unauthorized access to confidential information is the leading form of cyber-crime, which leads to market polarization or structures exposure that can result in copyright breach or unintended course in operations. The cyber-crime, unlike other criminal activities, is a global problem as some non-state actors as well as governments engage in cyber activities that threaten the border sovereignty of other states. The crimes include, but not limited to money laundry, classified information, espionage among other border extensive crimes. In this document, the author examines the characteristics and tools used in cyber-crimes especially in the USA. Additionally, the paper offers the diverse causes of increased cyber-crime in economic, political, and social spheres....

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