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Write on any subject about criminal justice. Write about 5-8 pages and no specific format requirement.

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The proliferation of computer crime, or as it is more commonly known, cyber crime, has become a political and legal issue in the late 1970s, when computers became commonplace in large businesses and government facilities. The core concept of cyber crime is the use of computers to achieve personal gain or to cause harm to others. In the early days, cyber crime encompassed any intent or act of stealing physical hardware, but in recent years cyber crime narrowed its perspective on crimes committed through the use of computers. This change was largely facilitated by the development of the internet, which allowed individuals to access files, information and currency remotely through a process commonly referred to as „hacking“ (Sukhai, 2004; Cuellar, 2001; Burden & Palmer, 2003; Sommer, 2004).
There are several types of crimes that can be committed online, such as black market trading, fraud and unwanted breaches to remote stations. The first and the second are simply an extension of the already existing physical activities, while the third remains inherently computer-based crime, which is why it will be the focus of this paper. Although governments around the world have taken steps to prevent it, cyber crime is in constant rise for the better part of the last decade, and is expected to continue to rise in the future. This paper will look into the various forms of cyber crime and the ways in which governments try to fight criminals who attack from remote locations, are usually completely anonymous and frequently outside of the jurisdiction of the country which they are attacking (Sukhai, 2004; Cuellar, 2001; Burden & Palmer, 2003; Sommer, 2004).
What constitutes cyber crime?
As mentioned earlier, there are three types of cyber crime, online black markets, normally facilitated through the use of TOR...

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