Case Profile Presentation

Create a power point presentation that addresses the following:
Identify a case which resulted in a wrongful conviction due to government misconduct (e.g., prosecutorial, judicial).

Discuss the following: defendant’s backstory, victim, criminal history, investigation, trial, post-conviction investigation, type of misconduct, and perpetrator of the misconduct that resulted in the wrongful conviction.
What was the result of the exoneration (e.g., lawsuit, termination of prosecutor, etc.)?
Make sure you note the conviction/exoneration date, whether the real perpetrator was found and the state in which the trial occurred.
Using your text/readings or other scholarly sources, discuss at least two methods used to reduce the number of wrongful convictions.

You may use websites such as the Innocence Project, films or documentaries (e.g the central park five, the thin blue line, etc).

Slides should only contain bullet points with short phrases/terms, so use the notes function on your power point to write in paragraph form if needed.
You may use the notes function on the power point slide to write out information.
Your power point should be between 8-12 slides.

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Case Profile Presentation of Michael Morton (13 slides)

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