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"It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" - Blackstone

What does Blackstone mean by the quote above?
Do you agree or disagree? State and argue your position.
Explain how wrongful convictions can undermine faith in the criminal justice system.
Discuss three causes of wrongful convictions.
Discuss at least two methods used to reduce the number of wrongful convictions.

This assignment must be 3-4 FULL pages in length (excluding reference pages) (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, APA format) and contain at least 3 peer-reviewed/scholarly references.
You may use your book and text readings.
Do not include headings, subheadings or bullet points.
You may only use scholarly resources (i.e. research articles).
Non- scholarly sources (i.e., wikipedia, opinion pieces etc) are not acceptable.
When quoting sources, do not use more than one quote per page (quote should not exceed two lines).
This paper is meant to be supported by sources not overpowered by multiple quotes.

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In today’s society, many people have been accused for crimes that they did not commit. Some receive compensation for damages and others are still pending compensation due to jurisdictional laws; which wrongful convictions of wrongfully accused in the court systems throughout the United States. I will explain the definition of Blackstone, and what the quote means. I will discuss my perspective and argue my position. I will discuss the three causes of wrongful convictions, and discuss at least two methods used to reduce the number of wrongful convictions.

            Blackstone (is derived from Sir. William Blackstone) which is a rule of conduct that is prescribed by the supreme power of that jurisdiction, and who is commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong (Blackstone, 1753). In my perspective, Blackstone is pointing out that the one innocent man person that is innocent and suffering is worse than ten guilty persons that escaped.
Blackstone quote “It is better than ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” is that the innocent person(s) will never get their life back from what they lost by spending all of their time confined in prison. The three or more causes of wrongful convictions are lack of evidence, prosecution errors, lack of foundation and relevance, perjury, forensic error, false confessions, eyewitness identification, and lack of law enforcement investigation errors in the criminal justice system (Gould & Leo, 2010)....

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