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Chapter 3 of The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice addresses the Crime and Policy Dilemma for all levels of government. “People want government to act and deal with the problem of crime, but at the same time people do not want the actions of government to threaten or harm their interest” (Marion & Oliver, 2012, p. 84).

Examine a recent major criminal justice policy, and discuss what led to the establishment of the policy. Determine what the effects of the policy were on various interest groups and criminal justice operations. Has the public policy changed over time? Has the criminal justice policy been modified over the years? In your evaluation of the criminal justice system, were the arguments that led the change in the policy first addressed when the policy was originally implemented?

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Criminal Justice Policy on Drugs
Drug use is enormous in the U.S and has potentially negative effects on the American society. Primarily, the major effect of drugs is their economic cost that amounted to $193 billion in 2007, which was incurred through lost productivity, criminal justice costs, and healthcare (Levinthal, 2015). Drug crimes have been on the rise in the United...

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