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“The CSA is constantly applied depending on the results of long term studies that can help rehabilitate the substance or drug addicts. On the other hand, the crime control model and the CSA are in place to punish the offenders so as to inhibit them from taking part in criminal activities.”

The title of one of your references is “The Controlled Substances Act: How a “big tent” reform became a punitive drug law.” This title alone suggests that while this Act had good intentions, it ultimately had and continues to have a negative impact on the criminal justice system as a whole. That is the entire focus of the article you included in your references.

With this in mind then, what is that negative impact? What were the authors referring to when they stated “it became a punitive drug law?” How does that effect compare with the original intentions of the act? Can you explain?

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The most profound adverse effect that the Controlled Substance Act has is that the policy has incriminated the drug and substance addicts. As such, based on Courtwright’s (2004) discussion, it is apparent that the CSA no longer promises a haven for the drug and...

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