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Discuss the merits of alternative sentencing options but also the potential downfalls. Discuss current criminal justice policy issues regarding these alternative sentencing issues and the changes we have seen in the last 30 years and the future of sentencing, in terms of prisons versus alternative sentences.
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Alternative sentencing involves the use of various approaches to reprimand individuals for crimes committed as opposed to sending them to prison. The different methods used include fines, probation, restitution, deferred adjudication, community service, suspended sentences, and pretrial diversion (Saltzburg & Thompson, 2007). Alternative sentencing, as an option, developed in response to three primary failures which were identified in traditional sentencing. The three weaknesses are the inability to deter crime, the high cost of incurred in facilitating the traditional sentencing, and the institutionalization of crime and criminals (Andrew, 2009). Despite, the development of alternative sentencing options, there lacks sufficient data to indicate the effectiveness of these alternatives on the reduction of recidivism. In other instances, the available data fails to highlight the effectiveness of a preferred approach due to its inability to yield the preferred results whenever it is used to reprimand an offender. This paper analyzes the merits and demerits of the various sentencing options and the changes that have occurred to the criminal justice policy issues over the past few decades.
According to the Justice Policy Institute, there is a direct correlation between the expenditure on education and crime rates (Andrew, 2009). Therefore, it is possible for the government to combat recidivism effectively by allocating more resources on education and less on incarceration...

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