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Gangs of New York movie review

You should strive to distribute your content as evenly as possible over the four sections of the paper (overview, underlying themes related to the course, gang activity then and now, and your general thoughts). Also, please be specific when writing about the underlying themes related to the course. For example, the themes of "race" and "crime" are too general.

-Provide an overview of the movie;
-Discuss the underlying themes in the movie that relate to this course
-Compare and contrast the nature of gang activity then and now
-Provide your general thoughts on the movie.

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Director Martin Scorsese is a renown New York City native of Italian-American descent. As a young director, he came across Herbert Asbury’s The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld. He became fascinated by the thought of those who came to New York before his Italian ancestors and what The City must have looked like then. Scorsese bought the screen rights to the book as a young director, but it took him over twenty years to create the epic story he envisioned. The film received ten Academy Award Nominations, but won none.

The film opens with preparation for a battle between two rival gangs in the New York slum known as The Five Points. The “Dead Rabbits” are Irish immigrants lead by Priest Vallon, who is later described as wanting “to carve a corner little corner in this country for his tribe.” Their rivals are “The Natives” who want to close the door on others now that they have established their place in America. Their dispute ties back to the struggles between Protestants and Roman Catholics rooted in Europe. Priest Vallon’s son witnesses the death of his father at the hands of The Native’s leader, Bill “The Butcher” Cutter. The child escapes, returning 16 years later to avenge his father’s death.

Upon his return, Amsterdam Vallon walks the unsavory streets now riddled with rival gangs. The Butcher is overlord of The Five Points. All the gangs pay tribute to him and the corrupt politician Boss Tweed, with whom The Butcher has formed an alliance. His origins secret, Amsterdam become Butcher Cutter’s protégée.   As he plots to kill the Butcher on the anniversary of his father’s death, now a celebration day declared by Cutter, Amsterdam’s boyhood friend, Johnny, betrays his secret identity, having been spurned by a woman he’s admired, Jenny Everdeane, who ends up in the bed of Amsterdam.

Exposed, bloodied, and branded, Amsterdam gains sanctuary in a Church, now working to unite Irish forces against The Natives, with Jenny at his...

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