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Case Study: Police Department Consent Decree/Agreement
You are assigned to the Research and Development Unit of the Virtual Police Department. The Unit Director asked you to prepare a presentation for the Chief on U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) consent decrees and agreements. It seems one of the Chief's close professional colleagues is now subject to such an agreement. The Chief wants to be sure he has done everything possible to avoid finding the Virtual Police Department in a similar predicament. The format of the presentation is quite simple. Using a selected city that is currently under (or recently been under) a DOJ consent decree/agreement as reference, provide the Chief with direction on how to avoid being subject to DOJ oversight.
Review "Addressing Police Misconduct Laws Enforced by the Department of Justice
Select one of the following as your subject case study police department:
1. The Oakland (California) Police Department
2. The Seattle (Washington) Police Department
3. The Baltimore (Maryland) Police Department
Research: Starting with the link provided, continue your research on the basis for and actions attentive to the subject consent decree/agreement, Review all of the pertinent documents, articles, websites, etc. until you feel you have a thorough understanding sufficient to respond to the Assignment questions.

- Briefly describe the situation(s) and/or event(s) that led up to DOJ oversight in the form of a consent decree/agreement
- Briefly outline the provisions of the consent decree/agreement. What actions is the department required to take? What changes is the department required to make?
- Connect the provisions of the consent decree/agreement to the initiating causes.
- Describe in detail what the Virtual Police Department needs to do in order to avoid following in the footsteps of the subject police department or otherwise find itself subject to DOJ oversight in he form of a consent decree/agreement.

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The submission will use Baltimore, Maryland. Consent decree/agreement refers to a settlement that establishes a sustainable solution to a dispute between two parties with them not having to admit liability of guilt. According to The Department of Justice (2017b), consent decrees or agreements are in most cases used by the federal courts to assure that industries and organizations conduct themselves in a way that adheres to the regulatory laws in diverse areas ranging from discrimination to environmental legislation. Surprisingly, the Virtual Police Department has found itself in a similar situation with what happened to Baltimore. Based on the development relating to DOJ’s consent decree with the City of Baltimore, this paper seeks to provide the Chief of the U.S. Department of Justice with a suggestion about the manner to avoid being subject to DOJ oversight. Nonetheless, it will be critical to describe the situation and events leading up to the DOJ oversight of Baltimore Police Department concerning the consent decree/agreement.
The circumstances and incidences that prompted the DOJ to oversee the consent decree/agreement
Understanding this context will form a firm basis for advising the Chief of DOJ. Baltimore Police Department was reportedly engaging in a practice and pattern of demeanor that violated the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the American charter, not mentioning the national legislations against discrimination (DOJ, 2017a). In particular, the police department was determined to be facilitating practices that deprived the locals of their rights along with protections guaranteed not only to them but also to all other residents of...

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