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Ethics, Media, and Criminal Justice
The media plays a major part in all facets of U.S. society. Increased attention on criminal justice issues and criminal justice administration by the media creates opportunities and threats to the status quo of criminal justice policies and actions. Chapters 11 and 16 in your text discuss the influence of the media on criminal justice and the theories of justice. For this assignment, you will support the evaluation of public issues that criminal justice organizations face in ethical decision making and the creation of a set of standards for ethical and moral conduct in criminal justice situations. In your paper,

Create an ethics policy for the media in handling the reporting of criminal justice issues and news;
Examine the significance of political bias in reporting; and
Create a foundation for the accurate and ethical reporting of news about the criminal justice system.

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Ethics Policy
Handling and reporting breaking news is one of the core areas of my guideline. To cover breaking news, reporters have to ask to interview the victims. To be ethical and effective in securing the interview, news reporters should seek to minimize distractions by approaching the victims without working equipment (Goldberg, 2014). The essence is to ensure that human connection is created. The reporter should also identify himself as such and account for the victim’s experiences. Besides, the reporter is supposed to give the victim a rational reason to speak to him/her. The reporter should also be clear on time needed to engage the victim in an interview. The reporter should also always remember to leave a business card with the victim of crime and ask for the names of the alternative spokespersons if any. It is also important to develop guidelines for dealing with logistics during the interview process (Goldberg, 2014). A reporter should seek to ensure that he or she makes the victim...

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