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First, read the description of the criminal event and history below. Then, choose a criminal sentencing model that best fits the situation and offenders’ criminal history. Consider each of the criminal charges for this offender, and what sentencing models may have been used for each outcome. Finally, provide a preliminary write-up to support a pre-sentence investigation report to the judge detailing what sentence recommendations you suggest to the court and why it is an appropriate sentence.

Criminal Event:
Strong Armed Robbery–

On December 6, 2016 at 8:12PM, officers responded to the 100 block of Main Street in Anytown, USA to investigate a robbery. The investigation revealed that the victim, a 23-year-old man of Nearby City, was sitting in his vehicle which was parked in the above area when he was approached by the accused, an acquaintance. During the encounter, the accused took the victim's cell phone and car keys then punched him in the head before fleeing the area on foot. Minor injuries were reported. Following the investigation, officers obtained a warrant for the arrest of the accused. The accused who was located and arrested without incident at his residence by officers from the Warrant Unit on December 7. The accused is 33 years old and is being held without bond. He has a criminal and sentencing/incarceration history of the following crimes:

Prior Criminal History
(1) Offense Date - (2) Criminal Offense - (3) Sentence -

1. January 4, 2016
2. Attempted armed robbery
3. Charges dismissed, victim/witness refused to testify claiming witness intimidation

1. October 28, 2012
2. Residential burglary, domestic assault & battery
3. Defendant sentenced to 27 months in state correctional facility

1. January 8, 2009
2. Second degree residential burglary
3. Defendant sentenced to 15 months in state correctional facility

1. May 15, 2002
2. Commercial burglary/altering price tags
3. Defendant sentenced to 10 months in local jail

1. June 4, 2000
2. Shoplifting less than $200
3. Defendant sentenced to supervised probation 12 months

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Criminal Justice System Sentencing Models

A sentencing model is a pertinent criminal justice issue, which defines a system or a strategy through which criminal sanctions are imposed. According to Zhang, Zhang, and Vaughn (2014), in the American society, the sentencing models tend to vary tremendously. In reference to the case study, the paper will seek to fulfill two fundamental objectives. Foremost, the study will establish the sentencing models that the court ought to utilize in determining the type of sentencing for the current case as well as the criminal’s history with the system. Secondly, the paper will attempt to determine which sentencing model may have been used for each of the previous crime outcomes that the suspect has experienced.
The most suitable sentencing model for the 33 years old defendant...

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