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Compile a comprehensive job description for the role of Forensic Psychologist;
Identify all of the stakeholders related to the position;
Describe at least three practical work scenarios where ethical decision making and moral action must be taken in the position;
Evaluate the pros and cons of two ethical theories applicable to the work scenarios you chose;
Create your own code of ethics for the position and the foundational sources for your code;
Design a best-practices checklist for your chosen position; and
Propose how your code of ethics will positively impact all stakeholders to the position.

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Final week individual project: Standards for Moral Conduct in Criminal Justice
A comprehensive job description for the intended line of work
While there is an array of job positions within the criminal justice sphere, I am greatly appealed by the Forensic Psychologist role. According to Criminal Justice Degree Schools (2017), the mandate of a forensic psychologist is to evaluate behavior by questioning, observing, and interpreting the manner in which individuals relate to each other and how they respond or react to events and situations they experience. Besides, Goldstein (2006) adds that a forensic psychologist is expected to research and observe all the available cues carefully, noting behaviors or patterns that might assist in predicting not only why but also how a person reacts the way they do. According to Criminal Justice Degree Schools (2017), the forensic psychologist job responsibilities include assisting attorneys, judges, and other stakeholders in the criminal justice system to gain a comprehensive understanding of the psychology involved in different scenarios.
Additionally, a forensic psychologist is sometimes called to serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings. Hence, as Criminal Justice Degree Schools (2017) confer, they work in civil, family, and criminal courts. In the family court, the role of the forensic psychologist is often expected to evaluate the children involved in custody cases. They might also be mandated to investigate a suspected incident of child abuse. In a civil court, the role of the professional is to provide therapy to victims. They might also be requested to offer second opinions on matters relevant to psychology. In the criminal court, the responsibility of the...

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