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Read the article "The Corporate Crimes of Dow Chemical and the Failure to Regulate Environmental Pollution" and:
Describe some of the more serious corporate crimes committed by Dow Chemical
Provide examples of how the Environmental Protection Agency has failed in protecting the environment, including an example involving Dow
Chemical and an example that doesn't involve the company.

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A corporate crime refers to a crime that is committed by an organization that is legally identified as a separate entity from its owners or those responsible for its operations. The Dow Chemical Company is based in the U.S and manufactures chemicals for commercial use especially in agriculture (Katz, 2010). However, the firm has severally been accused of engaging in corporate crimes in the form of manufacturing and distributing hazardous chemicals, environmental degradation and pollution through the dumping of chemical wastes into water bodies and land, involvement in the manufacture of components of biochemical warfare, and the manipulation of state agencies to avoid...

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